Group News
03/30/21 We welcome Thomas Bunnell and Jacob Kim, our newest graduate students, to join our team!
03/16/21 Changmin's paper was published in  ACS Central Science. Congratulations! [abstract] [pdf]
02/02/21 Violet's paper was published in Angewandte Chemie International Edition. Congratulations! [abstract] [pdf]
09/08/20 We welcome Allison Hacker and Maximilian McCallum, our newest graduate students, to join our team!
08/25/20 We welcome first year rotation student Jacob Kim!!!
08/25/20 Visiting professor Dr. Xian-Rong Song leaves. We will miss you very much. Good luck!
07/11/20 Manisha's paper was published in Angewandte Chemie International Edition. Congratulations! [abstract] [pdf]
06/16/20 Ohyun was awarded the UCLA 2019–20 McCoy Award, which recognizes the greatest contribution of the year to the science of chemistry and biochemistry. Congratulations!!! [link]
06/11/20 Congratulations to Andy for finishing his Ph.D studies! Good luck in your new role at Amgen! [link]
05/22/20 Brian's paper was published in ChemCatChem [abstract] [pdf]
05/19/20 Jason Wu was awarded a Geissman Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, congratulations! [link]
05/18/20 Andy has accepted a medicinal chemist position at Amgen.
05/14/20 Welcome to our newest member, Tony Moreno!
05/13/20 Andy received the Majeti–Alapati Dissertation Award. [link]
02/27/20 Welcome to all the admitted prospective students! We look forward to meeting everyone. Please enjoy your time here and come back in the Fall!
02/14/20 Our groups work regarding the molecular mechanism of the efsevin-VDAC2 interaction was published in the British Journal of Pharmacology [abstract] [pdf]
01/01/20 Hoping everyone had a nice holidays and wishing everyone a Happy New Year!!!
11/19/19 Jason received an NIH Diversity Supplement.  Congratulations!!!
11/06/19 Andy's paper was published in Angewandte Chemie International Edition [abstract] [pdf]
10/15/19 Welcome visiting scholar Alex Cao from Nankai University!
10/02/19 Welcome first year rotation students Tony Moreno and Joseph Garcia and visiting professor Dr. Xian-Rong Song!
10/01/19 Andy's paper was published in Organic Letters [abstract] [pdf]
08/28/19 Welcome post-doc Zhiqi He!
08/01/19 Welcome first year summer students Allison Hacker and Andrew Salmon!
07/10/19 Andy's paper was published on ChemRxiv [abstract] [pdf]
07/08/19 Welcome first year summer student Nik Burton and undergraduate student Jason Wu!
06/27/19 Aslam's paper was published in Organic Syntheses [abstract] [pdf]
06/20/19 Kui's paper was published in Organic Letters [abstract] [pdf]
06/04/19 Lingchao's paper was published in JACS [abstract] [pdf]
05/22/19 Andy was awarded a UCLA Dissertation Year Fellowship [link]
05/16/19 Andy's paper was published in Science  [abstract] [pdf]
04/23/19 Andy was selected to present his research at the 2019 ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Graduate Research Symposium [link]
04/22/19 Aslam's paper was published in Organic Syntheses [abstract] [pdf]
04/09/19 Andy was awarded the Satyan and Vimala Majeti Fellowship for Research in Organic Chemistry [link]
04/03/19 San and Changmin's paper was published in The Journal of Antibiotics [pdf]
03/14/19 Andy's manuscript was accepted in Science!
12/03/18 Welcome visiting scholar Gusein Sadykhov!
11/05/18 Welcome 1st year rotation student Wenjing!
09/27/18 Our comprehensive review on phosphine organocatalysis was published in Chemical Reviews [abstract] [pdf]
09/24/18 Qihai's paper was published in Organic Letters [abstract] [pdf]
09/21/18 Jiannan is off to start his career as a professor! We will miss you very much. Good luck!!!
09/04/18 Welcome visiting scholar Xinyi Wang!
08/17/18 Craig's paper was published in Organic Letters [abstract] [pdf]
08/13/18 Ohyun was awarded the Technology Development Grant from UC CAI [link]
08/08/18 Welcome post-doc Dr. Aslam Shaikh!!!
08/06/18 Our Chemical Reviews manuscript was accepted!
08/02/18 Ohyun was awarded the Boehringer Ingelheim Green Chemistry Award for 2018 [link]
07/30/18 Welcome new summer graduate student Mikayla, post-doc Dr. Changmin Xie, and visiting scholar Hao!!!
07/09/18 Welcome new summer graduate students Ernest, Danielle, and Angel!!!
04/25/18 Andy's paper was published in ACS Catalysis [abstract] [pdf
04/11/18 Welcome post-doc Dr. Manisha Swain!
04/09/18 Welcome first year graduate student Jason!
01/23/18 Andy was awarded the Hanson-Dow Excellence in Teaching Award. [link]
01/18/18 Kui and Lingchao's paper was published in Chemical Science [abstract] [pdf]
09/01/17 Welcome to our visiting scholar Yuting Hu from Nankai University!
07/06/17 Jiannan's paper was published in JACS [abstract] [pdf]
07/03/17 Nathan's paper was published in JACC: Basic Translational Science [abstract] [pdf]
06/01/17 Dr.(s) Kui Zhang, Lingchao Cai, Nathan Dupper, and Craig Lee have all filed their theses and are off to new positions. Good luck to everyone!!!


Our research interest lies in the area of development of new methodologies for organic transformations, target oriented synthesis of biologically important natural compounds, and diversity oriented synthesis of natural product-like molecules. 



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Ohyun Kwon received her B.S. (1991) and M.S. (1993) from Seoul National University in South Korea. In 1993, she came to the U.S. to pursue her Ph.D. (1998) from Columbia University under the guidance of S. J. Danishefsky. Her thesis work involved the synthesis of biologically significant glycolipid, asialo GM1 and Globo-H human breast tumor antigen molecule, as well as complex phomoidride terpenoids, CP-225,917 and CP-263,114. She then went to Harvard University as a Howard Hughes Postdoctoral Fellow to study chemical genetics in S. L. Schreiber's lab. There, she completed a diversity-oriented combinatorial synthesis (DOS) of a library of muticyclic compounds, as well as a library of macrocycles. Kwon joined the faculty as an assistant professor at UCLA in 2001. She has been a member of the Molecular Biology Institute (MBI) and UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center (JCCC) since 2005. Her research at UCLA evolves around the development of new nucleophilic phosphine catalysis reactions. The new reaction methodologies are used in the total synthesis of natural products and in the production of libraies of small organic molecules for chemical genetic applications.


UCLA Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

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